Friday, September 26, 2008

Catching Up

Tonight we had a good time with the Black Family. It was nice to catch up, we had not hung out for a while. Nothing special pizza and the presidential debate.
Brian and Chuck enjoyed the HD TV.
Jami, Madison, Maddie, and I had fun playing.
Madison and Maddie really enjoyed each other
Cheese! So cute!Walking the dog.
Kisses Goodnight!
Thank you for coming over, we really enjoyed it.
Maddie really missed Madison after you all left.
We'll have to do this again soon!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Milkin' It

After I posted the last blog, there was an accident.
I could not resist my favorite little drama queen.
So with a skinned knee comes:
1.) A kiss
2) A boohbah band aid
3) My favorite spot on the couch
4) A slice of pumpkin cake
Makes me want to trip and skin my knee.
Maddie showing Daddy her knee.
Enjoying the hard earned pumpkin cake.
By the way she is all better!

Bubbles and Bicycles

The other day Miss Maddie helped me wash the dishes. She is a wonderful helper.
Tonight she wanted to help again

Happy Little Helper
It was a good use of the apron I got her for Christmas
Afterwards, we went for a bike ride
There was a bit of a disagreement on how to use the pedals.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Draconids Save The Date

October 7 or 8, 2008 Draconids The radiant point of the Draconid meteor shower almost coincides with the head of the constellation Draco the Dragon, in the northern sky. That’s why it is best viewed from the northern hemisphere. This shower is a real oddity, in the respect that its radiant point is highest in the sky as darkness falls. The shower is definitely a sleeper, producing only a handful of languid meteors per hour in most years. But watch out if the dragon awakes! On occasion, fiery Draco has been known to spew forth hundreds – if not thousands – of meteors in a single hour. Since the moon is at first quarter this year during the shower’s peak, this hard-to-predict shower is worth checking out. Unlike most meteor showers, more meteors are likely to fly in the evening than the morning hours after midnight. Look northward for Draconid meteors on the evenings of October 7 or 8.

Maddie and The Giant Grape

We went to Central Market last night and did some shopping. While in the produce section we saw some very large grapes. I thought they would be good, so I bought some. We get home and as I am washing them we found this one.
Yes, that is a Quarter!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Little Helper

We have been weeding our yard for several days.
Miss Maddie has really got the hang of helping!
I really enjoyed working in the yard with her, especially since she took my weeds to the trash.

Using the rake

Putting weeds in the trash.

Thank you for all your help Miss Maddie!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Fall is Here

Maddie went to Paula's house today for the first time. I was nervous, but better I be home than at work on the first day. So now what, I am alone.
Hobby Lobby!
I have not gotten creative in over a year.
I now have my evenings off.
Look what I made in 2 hours!
This is no premade garland!
Plus everything was 50% off!
Wreath for the Door!
I am worried the leopard is a bit much, but who cares I like it.
Garland for over the door!

Labor Day I bought some Ivy for the top of the stairs.

In the end I think the garland and wreath look like a leopard ate a turkey, due to all the feathers!

Muffin Stick!

I went to Starbuck's to get a coffee and a muffin on my way to work last Saturday morning. I decided to get a muffin. I got really busy at work and could not eat it. I decided to wait until I got home. I started at the top like we all do and bit into something really hard. I pulled a stick out of my mouth. Talk about fiber.
No Thanks!

Bubble & Butterflies

We decided to burn of some energy tonight.
I threw the ball to Molly for an hour.
Chuck blew bubbles.
Maddie chased the bubbles.
Grandma chased Maddie.
By the end of the night we were all pretty beat.
Maddie & Daddy blowing bubbles.

Grandma helping Maddie pop them. Molly was so happy she rolled in the grass.
She has the biggest tongue I have ever seen.
A "butterfly" snuck in and captivated Maddie most of the night.
Night Night Butterfly!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Sunday was A Good Day

Sunday was a good day!
We went to church
We had lunch at Nordstroms Bistro
Chuck had a rosemary chicken sandwich
Maddie had my favorite
I think it is her favorite too!

Have a safe and happy Labor Day!