Friday, November 28, 2008

Maddie's First Pie

This year Maddie made our pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving! She did a great job mixing all the ingredients together. I enjoyed helping her. She had a lot of fun.

Pouring in the ingrediants.
She got really excited

Teaching her to stir

Putting the filling in the crust, it took a while.

Everyone enjoyed Maddie's Pumpkin Pie.
Thank you Maddie for the delicious pumpkin pie!

Thanksgiving Day

This Thanksgiving was the first Thanksgiving that I cooked everything. There was a special occasion, it was the first one in our new house. There was a lot of hard work involved and everything turned out delicious, and all was done at the same time. So, I will have to call it a success.
We enjoyed having Dan & Charlie for our first Thanksgiving in our new house!
Chuck carving his first Thanksgiving Turkey in his new house!
The spread!

Turkey Shaped Butter!

Sweet Potato Casserole my Favorite!

Tom Thumb!

Uncle Dan did this and she thought it was the coolest thing!
It kept her busy for hours,
Thank you Uncle Dan!

Getting ready to eat
Maddie and Apple Charlie

Yesterday was Apple Charlie's Birthday.

We enjoyed celebrating with you!
Happy Birthday Uncle Charlie!
Maddie could not say uncle, she kept saying apple.
So, now she has desserts for uncles.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Halloween was great, we had a wonderful time. Maddie got so excited that she danced in the middle of the sidewalk.

The Take!

Slow Release Sugar!

Maddie & Jack