Sunday, March 23, 2008

Here Comes Peter Cottontail!

We had an easter egg hunt with the Black Family on Sunday. We had a lot of fun, and some of the eggs had money in them. Madison scored all of the money eggs, no doubt with a little help from her dad. It's kind of hard to hunt eggs with little ones they kind of lose attention. Over all though the eggs were a hit.
This is Brian teaching Madison to eat a dirty acorn!
This is Madison listening to her Daddy and Jami giving a look!
The Take

A very Happy Egg Hunter!
Tough to choose between the egg and the stick!
Back to the Hunt

Look Closely!
Maddie is posing for Jami,
In the background Brian is hanging Madison by her heels,
to pick up an egg!

Ghetto Bunny Showed!
Running for more eggs

We love playing with Miss Madison, we are so blessed to have her as Maddie's Best Friend!
Happy Easter Everyone!

The Easter Bunny!

It's tradition. Chuck the wonderful dad that he is spent 45 minutes in line waiting with Madeleine who is 2 for this wonderful moment in time. We are forever grateful for the suffering and sacrifices that went in to this beautiful Easter photo. We love you DAD!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Madeleine!

Last night I could not sleep, I was so excited. When I woke this morning Maddie felt warm, but I dressed her gave her tylenol and off we went. Chuck went to pick up the cake, Uncle Dan and I were going to meet him at pump it up. We pull in I get out, open the back door to get Miss Maddie out and I stopped to look at her (she looks so pretty). I said Happy Birthday Honey! No sooner did I say that she got sick all over herself.

We need to regroup FAST! The party is in 6 minutes.

Overall everyone had a great time! Maddie did not get to play but really enjoyed seeing everyone have a great time. We brought her back in time to sing and open a few presents. I want to thank everyone that came. Especially Chuck, my dear Husband who took her home and cleaned her up. Uncle Dan who took the fabulous photos, and Jami who helped, me so much (I lost my voice.)
Daniel the Balloon Man
entertains while we serve juice and cake!
No one's feet could touch the ground!
The Birthday Girl with a smile.

Madison, Jami & I

Every one eating yummy cake!

Maddie is feeling a little better!

Next year, I think we will do McDonald's or Chucky Cheese!