Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cupcake Couture

I LOVE CAKE!! I mean I really LOVE cake! Chuck, Maddie and I have found a new place to enjoy a treat. We like to go to Cupcake Couture. It's a really decadent bakery that specializes in cupcakes. I have found that there are benefits to cupcakes over our usual treat, ice cream.

My Rationalizations
1) Lower Cholesterol Content
2) More affordable
3) They look so pretty that I feel like it is naughtier than ice cream.
4) Closer to the house (we save gas, GO GREEN!)

Maddie with Cupcake Couture Owner
Wynette Zamore.
Chuck excited to go inside.
The shop also does Cakes, both real and diaper!
It is very difficult to choose the ONE you want.
Let me start by saying that everyone has their own particular way of eating a cupcake.
Chuck inhales.
I personally taste the icing a couple of times then nibble the cake.
Maddie is in it for the icing. She takes a hands off approach!

My personal favorite Strawberry
White Chocolate Raspberry
Banana Nut
Chocolate with Peanut Butter Icing
This one is really good with milk
Perfecting the technique
A very satisfied customer
Oh did we mention you have to let the sugar wear off?
Happy Summer Days with Miss Maddie!
We have enjoyed spending time with her, Chuck went back to school this week.
We are savoring every moment of this sweet face!

Cupcake Couture
11851 Bandera Rd. # 122
Helotes, TX 78023


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These cupcakes are AWESOME!!!! My son loves the frosting.....mmmmmm