Saturday, July 3, 2010

First Trip to Grandmama and Grandpapa's

Maddie got to go to my mom's house for Vacation Bible School. It was a welcome break for me, I needed it as I am finished with the first trimester of baby number three. She had a wonderful time. She had something to do everyday. I'm glad she got to have this special time with them.
"It was AWESOME"

Grandmama and Maddie made delicious cupcakes

Maddie helped mix the ingredients

Using Grandpapa's flashlight was also a favorite thing to do

Playing Grandmama's Baby Grand

I think her favorite thing at my parent's is playing the piano

Going swimming with Grandmama and Grandpapa

Participating at Vacation Bible School

New friends at Vacation Bible School

Sun City's playground, the retired people like to play on it too.

This is the most sentimental picture for me. I have many pictures like this with my dad. I have to tell you, on first look I thought it was us.

The pond they all went fishing at in Sun City

Grandmama packed a wonderful lunch for everyone.

First Picnic, and who better to have one with?

Ice Cream! At the store with Grandmama

She must have been so tired, in the morning this is how they found her asleep

Every morning Grandmama made Maddie and Grandpapa breakfast. They always ate on the patio outside.

Then the time came to go back home with daddy and Stuart.
Which by the way was in the middle of hurricane Alex which was not too bad for a class 1 hurricane.

Thank you for showing her a wonderful time!

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