Sunday, March 23, 2008

Here Comes Peter Cottontail!

We had an easter egg hunt with the Black Family on Sunday. We had a lot of fun, and some of the eggs had money in them. Madison scored all of the money eggs, no doubt with a little help from her dad. It's kind of hard to hunt eggs with little ones they kind of lose attention. Over all though the eggs were a hit.
This is Brian teaching Madison to eat a dirty acorn!
This is Madison listening to her Daddy and Jami giving a look!
The Take

A very Happy Egg Hunter!
Tough to choose between the egg and the stick!
Back to the Hunt

Look Closely!
Maddie is posing for Jami,
In the background Brian is hanging Madison by her heels,
to pick up an egg!

Ghetto Bunny Showed!
Running for more eggs

We love playing with Miss Madison, we are so blessed to have her as Maddie's Best Friend!
Happy Easter Everyone!


Jami Black said...

How cute! I loved all the pictures and commentary-I can't wait to show Brian. Your blog looks great! I am so excited that you created one.

Brian B said...

great job on your blog. I like the pictures. You did a good job taking pictures. We should have come over sunday and had you take our Easter Pictures.