Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kissable Feet

I have figured out that baby feet are just about the best think on earth. They don't stink, yet. They are soft and kissable. Stuart just giggles and smiles every time I kiss them. Manufactures prey on mom's like me. I have just a few examples of why I love them so much.


Zebra's! My personal favorite.
Converse socks, we have in every color
Dino paws

I can't get enough of these adorable little feet!

1 comment:

dross said... age 10, they will STINK after a full day of soccer camp. And don't ever let them go without socks at that point.

I described the smell as something like vinegar, and the kid sniffed his own feet and exclaimed "Why do my feet smell like vinegar??" (Uh, 'cause you need to wash?) :-)