Sunday, September 13, 2009

Vacation to St Thomas

It had been a long time since my husband and I have been alone together and away from children. We decided we were going to go to St Thomas with another couple that are good friends of ours. We only booked about 48 hours in advance, so it was a bit of a rush getting ready but worth it.

Chuck and I had to fly separately due to him working, so that gave me some girl time with Mishelle.

The coast of Florida We arrive at the airport and first thing Mishelle got her pina colada, I saved mine for the beach.

Grabbed a taxi to the hotel.
We had to wait to check in.
Hotel Lobby
We checked out the hotel cause our rooms were not ready yet. Tried the complimentary "rum punch", figured out why it was complimentary. Ordered a drink and colapsed on the veranda looking at the ocean.

I decided this was not going to be so bad, first things first snokeling .

The hotel beach was just past the pool, not to bad!
Looks very inviting!

The beach by the hotel, we really enjoyed snorkeling.
That night we had dinner at a wonderful restaurant called Craig and Sally's
This is the owner Craig T. we had a wonderful evening.
Chuck arrived that afternoon and we had lunch and drinks. Then off to enjoy the night.
After a full night of fun we watched the sun come up and I was worried I was not going to get both my friends up the stairs but we made it. Beautiful sunrise watched with my husband.
We decided we were going to go to Coral World.
While eating Mishelle fed the local "squirrels".
This one actually jumed on her because she did not give it enough food.
I told you they are every where.
HUGE Iguana by the pool.
Chuck and I enjoyed snorkeling, he had never been. I could not have done it with out Mishelle's help. Chuck is not a good swimmer and actually got seasick. I felt bad he spent the rest of the day recovering on the beach.

We got to feed the fish, apparrently they like dog biscuits.

We had a wonderful trip, I really enjoyed the adult time with my husband.

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